Solidarity with Muslims as vulnerable minority in Norwegian society

oslo peace ring

Oslo: Hundreds of Norwegians formed a human chain around Oslo mosque, showing respect and solidarity with the Muslim community amid soaring Islamophobic attacks across Europe.

“We want to stand shoulder to shoulder with our Muslim fellow citizens to show disgust towards increasing Muslim hate and xenophobia in society, “In this time of fear and polarization we feel it is more important than ever to stand together and show solidarity”.

These were the sentiments showed by participants of this ring of peace and solidarity.

the ring was formed around the Central Jamaat-E Ahl-E Sunnat mosque in Oslo.

Attended by hundreds of Norwegians, Saturday’s peace ring aimed to show humanity what it truly means to love your neighbor, according to its organizers. Urging Norwegian faiths to take part in the peace circle, the event organizers described Muslims as “a vulnerable minority in Norwegian society”.

It came in response to an earlier Muslim human shield that was formed around Oslo synagogue week earlier.

The shield was attended by more than 1000 Norwegian Muslims who flocked to Oslo’s synagogue, forming a human shield as a symbolic protection for the Jewish community in the Scandinavian country.