Women are fully praised and encouraged in Islam

binnat ul muslimeen event

BIRMINGHAM: Islam is a very perfect way of life and it gives women their due right and respect and highest value. Women should be properly encouraged to prove their mettle and to utilize their ability to make the society peaceful and civilized.

These were the views of speakers during a discussion and replying the questions of the participants during the function organized by Bannatul Muslimeen. The function was presided over by Chairperson Bannatul Muslimeen Sumera Farrukh.

During the function no speeches were made but the audience belonging to different fields of life and different working classes were asked to question the panelists regarding the day to day problems.

Panelists were Khalid Mehmood MP, Consulate General of Birmingham Syed Maroof Ahmed, Lord Mayor Shafiq Shah, former Lord Mayor Bradford Chaudhry Khadim Hussain, Mayor of Handburn Chaudhry Munsif Dad, Chairman Qadriya Trust Muhammad Tayyab Rehman, Chairman Muslim Hands Lakht e Hussain, Principal City Hasanat College Dr Iqtidar Ahmed Chema, Deputy Police Commissioner Evan Mosquito, Councillor Majid Khan, Councillor Uzma Ahmed, Councillor Idrees Ahmed and Dr Shaukat Nawaz. The function was conducted by Councillor Muhammad Ikhlaq.

Large number women attended the function where at the beginning Sumera Farrukh and Anila Asad briefed the participants about aims and objectives of the function.

Women need to come forward and to perform in every field of life and prove they can deliver in every field, the speakers said.

Responding to a question of Aima Khan on lack of facilities for women in Birmingham Consulate, the ConsulGeneral said he is new on this post and he will review the matters and ensure provision all facilities to people visiting the consulate.

The questions were raised by women participants that women particularly on social sector are not being praised and encouraged and the panelists have answered the question by saying that the function was organized by women related to social sector and this answer to this question.

Peer Lakht e Hussain said women are real ruler at home and is acting as prime minister and who can say that women is not being praised and encouraged.

Responding to a question of Haseena Begum, MP Khalid Mehmood said despite criticizing masajid people have to send their children to the masjid they like. He said criticizing masajid is causing further divide in the community.

Malik Fayyaz, Muhammad Ali and Rabnawaz Chugtai questioned the panelists and informed them about their reservations.

Social Worker Razia Hidayat raised questions regarding sex grooming, domestic violence and sexual harassment.

Responding to a question Khalid Mehmood MP said conspiracies being hatched against Islam and Muslims can lead the world towards third world war. “We need to keep our eyes open and have a close eye on social issued as well as the international issues.