Spanish delegation led by Sarah Willa visit Islamabad


ISLAMABAD: Spanish Parliamentarian from Catalonia Sarah Willa visited Islamabad along with a delegation to resolve the problems of Pakistani community facing in Spanish Embassy Islamabad.

She talked to Spanish Ambassador in detail about the problems of Pakistani community facing at Embassy and stressed the need for immediate resolution of all the problems.
Sarah Willa is leader of Immigrant friendly political party ICV she visited Islamabad and she along with her delegation including Federation Dil Bais Spain President Suffian Yunus and Spokesman of Igo Kolacho hold meeting with Spanish Ambassador Khabir Kirbakhos.
At the arrival Sarah was warmly welcomed by officials of the Spanish Embassy. Among other participants of the delegation and present in the meeting were Additional Advocate General Khawar Akram, Chaudhry Yasser Arafat, renowned social worker Chaudhry Shahzad Warraich, Tariq Sheikh Advocate and Mirza Nadeem Baig.
They were of the view that Pakistanis are facing problems in attestation of documents and delay Pakistanis are facing hurdles in calling family. They also discussed the matters regarding the dual voting of Pakistani community in Spain.
The Spanish Ambassador and Consul General listened delegation with passion saying they are working to resolve problems of Pakistanis on priority basis and if there is any delay it is because of attestation and insufficient documents. He said it is reality that a major part of Pakistanis is living in Catalonia and other areas and they are playing an important role in socio economic uplift of the area.
The Spanish delegation led by Parliamentarian Sarah Willa called on Governor Punjab Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar and raised the issues of land grabbing in Pakistan with him. The delegation also raised the issues of involving overseas Pakistanis in fake and fabricated cases to deprive them from the valuable assets in Pakistan.
The urged the Government of Pakistan to ink an agreement with Spanish Government which help Pakistanis living in Spain to cast their votes at least in local body polls if not in parliamentarian elections.
They also informed the Governor Punjab the overseas Pakistanis are sending huge amount as remittances which strengthens the country’s economy but n return they have no political say in the country.
The delegation expressed desire to establish a girl’s school in any part of Pakistan with the active support of Catalonia.
Governor Punjab Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar thanked the Spanish delegation for its visit to Pakistan and said he himself was in Britain as an immigrant and he is well aware of the problems of immigrants. He said he has noted all the problems and he will raise the issues with Government of Pakistan.
The Spanish delegation also hold meeting with Provincial Health Minister of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Shahram Khan Tarakai.
The two leaders discussed the matters of bilateral interest and mutual interest.