Pakistani community enthusiastic on UAE National Day


ABU DHABI: The celebrations of 43rd National Day of United Arab Emirates are continue round the Arab Emirates and like other communities Pakistani community in the country is enthusiastic and involved to celebrate the national function.People of Arab Emirates are giving high weight to enthusiasm of Pakistanis and Pakistanis are considering Arab Emirates second home.

Pakistani youth Malik Idrees adopted a unique way to celebrate the UAE National Day by walking more than 400 kilometers by foot in seven states of the UAE raising the national flag of the UAE. When Malik Idrees when reached Abu Dhabi, the capital he was warmly welcomed by Pakistani Ambassador for UAE Asif Durrani and a simple but graceful function was organized.
Addressing the gathering Asif Durrani said for spirit of this young man for peace, brotherhood and solidarity with UAE people is an asset for Pakistan and highly praiseworthy. This attempt is ample proof of his patriotism and love for the UAE and it has increased the image of Pakistanis not only in the UAE but also across the globe, he added.
On the occasion of National Day Government and people of Pakistan are felicitating the UAE President Ash Sheikh Khalifa bin Zaid An-Nahiyan, Vice President and Prime Minister Ash Sheikh Muhammad bin Rashid al Maktoom and Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi Ash Sheikh Muhammad bin Zaid An Nahiyan.
Speaking on the occasion Malik Idrees who travelled 400 kilometers said he has started his journey from Fajira state and ended this journey in capital Abu Dhabi. “I have complete this more than 400 kilometer long journey in 6 days and 7 nights and continuous travelling has caused septic in my feet”, he added.
The way Ambassador of Pakistan appreciated his spirit is source of encouragement for him, he said.
Press Consular Sardar Abdul Wahid has also praised the efforts of Malik Idrees saying this attempt of travelling 400 kilometers has enhanced the image and love of Pakistan for the UAE.
Meanwhile, Pakistan Muslims League Nawaz (PML-N) Gulf Region has also celebrated the 43rd National Day of the UAE and a graceful function was arranged which was attended by Pakistanis round the country. Renowned social figure Muhammad Khamees Al Fardan was chief guest who along with other prominent people cut the cake prepared by Chaudhry Abdul Hameed.
Addressing the gathering PML-N Gulf Chaudhry Noorul Hassan Tanveer said the development and prosperity of the UAE is because of efforts made by popular leadership of this country. Because of people friendly economic policies the UAE has attained a unique identity not only in Muslim World but entire world, he added.
Chief Guest presented a special shield to Chaudhry Noorul Hassan. Prominent among participants were Chaudhry Muhammad Altaf, Dr Mehboob Ahmed, Chaudhry Shakeel, Chaudhry Zafar Iqbal, Malik Khadim Shaheen, Ghulam Abbas Bhatti, Syed Waqar Hussain, Chaudhry Khalid Bashir, Chaudhry Nayeem and Consular Dr Riaz Long.