What actually they showed “Sympathy” or “Hypocrisy” ?


London: The Reporter without Borders (RWB) has highlighted the black deed of various World Leaders who participated in the Paris march to show sympathy with freedom of speech and solidarity with the victims.

Christophe Deloire Secretary General RWB has said it is unfortunate that the leaders are crushing the popular voice are here in Paris to exploit the scene to better their image.

Heads of state from across Europe, Africa and the Middle East and other leaders from 40 countries flew into Paris to participate in it. But various among the leaders who were protesting attack on journalism in Paris are not ready to give any freedom to media in their own countries and used different tactics and laws to curtail the freedom of expression.

Ramtany Lamara, Foreign Minister of Aljazair was among the world leaders joined about one million people expressing solidarity against terrorist strikes while Aljazair stands 121st in180 press freedom index, he said, adding there is complete ban on protest and marches in Aljazair but its leaders got a chance to march on the streets of Paris.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov was also among the participants and Russia is standing 148th in Press Freedom Index. Various journalists were imprisoned in Russia and the NGOs which were supporting media were declared enemy agent. Recently a blogger was imprisoned for three and a half year for criticizing Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Ahmet Davutoglu, the Turkish Prime Minister was among the world leaders protesting the attack on French Magazine while more than 70 journalists are facing trial in his country. They are facing trial of leveling corruption charges against close associates of Turkish President Recap Tayyab Erduvan. Many editors and reporters were sent jail for having links with Fattahullah Goulan, the rival of Erduvan.

Same is the condition of Egypt while Egypt was represented by Sami Shikri Foreign Minister while more than 16journalists are languishing in Egyptian jails.

President of Gabon, Ali Bongo also participated in the Paris March while the media men have no freedom in his country. Journalist Yunus Molanda is facing threats of murder for highlighting murder under the name of cultureand traditions and he took refuge in Cameroon to save his life.

Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orban raised voice against the attack on French Magazine but his own country has no congenial atmosphere for journalists and media houses are facing threats.