I know Reham Khan will be Imran’s wife forever: Barrister Huma

reham khan

New York: A renowned London Barrister and Community Leader Huma Price has expressed her views about newly wed Reham Khan. She describes: “For all those people curious to know about Imran Khan’s new bride Reham, there will be a lot of gossip about her and a lot will be said about her generated by jealousy rather than truth. I know her well enough to say the following about her confidently. People who know her will understand. Others will just bash her now because she has married a controversial celebrity.”

“She is tall, slim and very beautiful. She may be 40 odd but looks like a fresh young girl just out of college. Perhaps her looks are a reflection of her warm kind and loving personality. She is intelligent and humorous too. Despite having worked in front line media such as the BBC she is a woman of integrity who has never compromised on her self-respect or her principles. There has never been a scandal about her.”

Huma added “She is a hard working Journalist working at all hours, often leaving at 4am for her BBC job, to bring up her three children as a single mother. Her first husband must have been an idiot who didn’t value such a gem. As the sole provider for her three children, she moved to Pakistan partly because of them as she had a good offer from Aaj TV where she was given her own signature show “Aaj with Reham Khan”.

She is brave and courageous too because while she was employed in her TV job in Islamabad, on her way to a shoot she fell out of a fast moving van and suffered serious injury. Despite being hospitalised for ages, she persevered to get back on her feet as soon as she could and was back to her routine in no time at all. She is resilient and always fights back.

I am not surprised that Imran Khan has chosen her out of the thousands of women who must be available to him. She is a Dream Girl for any man, and will fit in very nicely with him. She is flexible and can adapt to anything life throws at her. She is sweet and comforting too. And yet there is a firm resolve about her. She doesn’t suffer fools gladly and you have to work hard to win her respect.

She loves children and is a super Mum to her own. She will leave no stone unturned to win over not only Imran’s Children but also any other dissenting members of his family. Family values are important to her and she will try to ensure harmony between her old and new family. She certainly wouldn’t have taken this marriage because she was looking for an easy life.

She has taken it on because she knows she can rise to the challenge. Reham also has another quality that perhaps Imran’s first wife, with respect, lacked due to her different culture. Reham with her traditional Pakistani upbringing is quite capable of sacrificing her own goals in life to support her husband to achieve his. That is why I know she will be Imran’s wife forever.


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