Saif ul Malook remembered in Bradford by renowned Artists


BRADFORD: When the Muslims adopt the path of ‘Sufis’ mystic poets and ‘Aulya Allah’ friends of Allah Almighty were true reflection of Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH, Pakistan will be free from terrorism and restlessness facing at present and on the path of development and prosperity.

Mian Muhammad Bakhsh has always preached the continuous struggle against the darkness and always used his poetry to correct the society having no justice. Different workshops were conducted during Saiful Maluk Conference in which participants discussed about the spiritual importance of Saiful Maluk, the poetry book of Mian Muhammad Bakhsh, besides its impacts on classical Punjabi poetry.

These were view of intellectuals, scholars, poets, journalists, writers and educationists during an international seminar on life and poetry of Mian Muhammad Bakhsh, a well-known mystic poet of Asia and Saiful Maluk Conference.

They said the lives of ‘Sufis’ mystic poets and ‘Aulya Allah’ friends of Allah Almighty were true reflection of Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH and this is why people are getting enlightenment and best ethics from their poetry. If we follow the path of our ancestors the things will be different not only in Pakistan but in entire world, they added.

Today we are seeing negative trends against Islam world over and the reason is we are not honest and true protectors of Islamic teachings and due to bad practices we are facing worst humiliation, they said.

A well-known intellectual from US and founder of National Students Organization Dr Manzoor Aijaz said Mian Muhammad Bakhsh was last poet of classical Punjabi poetry and he kept the classical poetry alive. Mian Muhammad Bakhsh did the critical poetry in shape of love and sweetness, he added.

Well know television anchor and intellectual Sohail Warraich has presented comparison between British poet Shakespeare and Mian Muhammad Bakhsh saying the similarity of the poetry of two is that it is still alive in the hearts of people. “The height of spirituality of poetry of Mian Muhammad Bakhsh is after passage of centuries people have made it a guideline”, Warraich added.

Renowned poetess, writer and broadcaster Dr Sughra Sadaf the Saiful Maluk is a love story of a true love of Kashmir and it was never against the Islamic Shariah. Mian Muhammad Bakhsh stood very tall like a pillar in a society where people were not getting justice, she added.

She said Mian Muhammad Bakhsh fought heroically against the all odds and forced all the blockades to surrender before courage of a human being.

Well-known writer and poet Mansoor Afaq said the name of Mian Muhammad Bakhsh is circling around figure 11 of numerology and there are secrets of figure 11 in Holy Quran. He called the poetry of Mian Muhammad Bakhsh in accordance of Islamic Shariah.

Mufti Ansar Qadri said calling Mian Muhammad Bakhsh a simple poet is reflection of limited knowledge and short sightedness, as he was ‘Arif Billah’ a person very close to Allah Almighty and preacher of Islam. He always taught love and respect for humanity and adopted the path which no one did in past and not possible in future, he added.

Muhammad Bota Shedai said Mian Muhammad Bakhsh writes Saiful Maluk after his elder brother directed him more than one and a half century back. He was a great Punjabi poet, he added.