South Asia and EU Partnership is very important: Sajjad Karim

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BRUSSELS: Senior European Parliamentarian belonging to Conservative Party Britain Dr Sajjad Karim was named as Chairman Asia Monitoring Group by International Trade Committee of European Parliament.

As Chairman Asia Monitoring Group, Dr Sajjad Karim will be in a position to sign trade agreements with countries like Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Dr Sajjad Karim who is Chairman Friends of Pakistan Group has drafted the free trade agreement with India.

This new assignment was given to Dr Sajjad Karim after successful launch of preferential trade with Pakistan under GSP Plus status. Under GSP Plus status, which started in January this year Pakistan was given preferential entry to European markets, which boosted industry, particularly textile industry in Pakistan.

Dr Sajjad Karim has started campaign for Kashmir and demanded of the European parliament to raise its voice against the brutal human rights in Kashmir and take appropriate measures to press Indian to stop human rights violations.

Addressing European Parliament, Dr Sajjad Karim said he is glad after being named Chairman Asia Monitoring Group as economy of South Asia is rapidly growing and gaining strength. They are in beginning and democracy is getting its roots and it is necessary to take more measures for the sake of democracy and economic growth, he added.

The partnership between South Asia and European Union is very important not only for strengthening the economy but also help strengthen the democracy in the South Asian region, he said.

Dr Sajjad Karim said for the last few years European Union has kept its attention towards South Asian and South Asian nation were seen as trust-worthy partners. European Union was on forefront during 2011 devastating flood in Pakistan, he added.

It is pertinent to note that Dr Sajjad Karim is hosting European Union Kashmir Week in European Parliament. He was awarded with highest civil award of Pakistan for his services to level relations between Pakistan and European Union.


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