Muslim community has gained honorable space in Britain


LONDON: Peer Allauddin Siddiqui, leader of Ahle Sunnah has said once Muslims implement and promote the teachings of Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH, the Islam will gain the lost glory and everywhere would Islam.

“A Muslim who is not offering Namaz, Fasting, Hujj and not ready to go to Masjid and is ignorant with teachings of Holy Prophet is like a tree without flowers, fruit or leaves”, Allaudin Siddiqui said as chief guest in annual function of Faizan e Islam Center Walthamstow. Conservative Party leader Allan Duncan Smith and Syed Kamal participated in the function as special guests.

Peer Allaudin Siddiqui was of the view that Muslims have got a Divine task to change the Universe and lead the world towards horizons of peace, development and fraternity. “We have to keep our character very high and show the world who are the leaders of this universe”, he added.

Peer Allaudin Siddiqui said the trend of distribution of awards among male and female students by laid by Faizan e Islam is a good omen and now being followed in round the Europe.

Allan Dunken Smith, the British Secretary for Pensions and Works has paid glowing tributes to Faizan e Islam saying the education it has provided among girls and women is praise-worthy as it has enlightened the future generations of Britain. Muslim community has gained honorable space in Britain and in future then can get more chances of development and prosperity, he added.

Syed Kamal, Member European Parliament said education is basic necessity for a nation to develop and prosper and by providing education to young generation Faizan e Islam and other like-minded organization are serving Muslim community as well as Britain society.