Two Khawaja’s can’t realise the training of Commando

altaf shahid

Manchester: Senior leaders of All Pakistan Muslim League (APML) have protested the filing of treason case against former President Pervez Musharraf and remarks made by ministers against Pervez Musharraf and Pakistan Army and they termed it enmity to Pakistan.

APML hold a rally in Oldham in which Chief Coordinator of APML Ahmed Raza Kasuri addressed telephonically, while the function was addressed by APML UK and Europe President Chaudhry Altaf Shahid and leaders from all areas of the Britain.

The speakers have shown complete solidarity with Pakistan Army and expressed anger over statements of Federal Ministers. They termed the cases against Pervez Musharraf as political victimization and demanded to acquit them from all cases.

Ahmed Raza Kasuri, who is also leading the defense team of Pervez Musharraf in Special Court, said Pervez Musharraf safeguarded the geographical boundaries of the country for over four decades. “It is strange that government is calling the general of the Army which fought wars to protect country as cowardice, what is training of a commando, I think two Khwajas’ do not know”, Kasuri maintained.

“If you want to try Musharraf then start from October 12, 1999 and a treason case be filed against Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry who took oath under PCO twice and endorsed the decisions of Pervez Musharraf and allowed Musharraf to amend the Constitution”, Kasuri said.

He said after change in country’s political situation all cases against Musharraf will end. Pakistanis living abroad are ambassadors of the country and they should rise for rule of law in the country, he added.

Others who addressed the rally were Syed Ali Haider, Iftikhar Ahmed, Khalid Bashir, Naeem Abbasi, Zahid Malik, Owais Butt, Chaudhry Parvaiz, Tahir Waseem, Naseebur Rehman, Chaudhry Nadeem, Khwaja Muhammad Younus, Ahsan Altaf, Syed Mir Abbas and Syed Akhtar Shah.