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Solidarity with Muslims as vulnerable minority in Norwegian society

Solidarity with Muslims as vulnerable minority in Norwegian society

Oslo: Hundreds of Norwegians formed a human chain around Oslo mosque, showing respect and solidarity with the Muslim community amid soaring Islamophobic attacks across Europe. “We want to stand shoulder to shoulder with our Muslim fellow citizens to show disgust towards increasing Muslim hate and xenophobia in society, “In this time of fear and polarization we


A Cultural and Wedding Show by Sleek Asians

BOLTON: Pakistani and Kashmir culture and traditions have highest values and central stage in the world and every year the new designs of Pakistani culture are being introduced so the young generation remain in touch with rich ancestral culture and traditions, said Majid Nazir, Director Sleek Asian International (SAI) while talking to media at the


What actually they showed “Sympathy” or “Hypocrisy” ?

London: The Reporter without Borders (RWB) has highlighted the black deed of various World Leaders who participated in the Paris march to show sympathy with freedom of speech and solidarity with the victims. Christophe Deloire Secretary General RWB has said it is unfortunate that the leaders are crushing the popular voice are here in Paris to exploit the scene

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Pakistan Muslim Centre Celebrates Christmas With immigrants

SHEFFIELD: Pakistan Muslim Center (PMC) Sheffield at the advent of Christmas arranges special program for Roma Slovakian immigrants to make the festival a memorable. At this time when whole Europe is witnessing hustle and bustle on the occasion of Christmas while religious communities including Muslims who are not celebrating Christmas but are making efforts to make this

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French Councillor punished after his conversion to Islam

PARIS: There are “a lot of Islamophobes” within the FN, It’s not the case with (Marine) Le Pen and many in the national leadership who know the difference between private and public life, but in the regional department, some do not.” These were the expressions of France’s far-right National Front (FN) sacked local councillor Maxence Buttey, an elected member


Seminars and workshops on Human Rights day in Brussels

BRUSSELS: On the occasion of International Human Rights Day addressing a seminar organized by EU Kashmir Council, Chairman Parliamentary Kashmir Committee Maulana Fazlur Rehman and Chairman Friends of Pakistan Group in European Union Dr Sajjad Karim said India has failed to convince world on its false claim of declaring Kashmir as integral part. But people who have not taken Kashmir issue


Pakistan National Hero Afridi welcomed in Manchester

MANCHESTER: Renowned Pakistani All-rounder Boom Boom Shahid Khan Afridi has said the love and affection of overseas Pakistanis with motherland and their hospitality is worthy to be watched and take inspiration from it. “When we travel abroad particularly in Britain we see the warm welcome by Pakistan and their love and hospitality and they forces