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The Community Awards Ceremony for South Yorkshire

The Community Awards Ceremony for South Yorkshire

Sheffield: Community Awards couldn’t carry more merit than they did when the Trade Union Council commissioned the Pakistan Muslim Centre  to organise an award ceremony designed to celebrate the grassroots level contributions made by members of the  South Yorkshire communities. The Community Awards Ceremony, which was hosted by The Pakistan Muslim Centre was warmly appreciated by an

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Pakistan will make history under Imran Khan’s leadership: Chaudhry Aziz

PETERBOROUGH: Former President PPP Peterborough Chaudhry Abdul Aziz has joined Pakistan Tehreek Insaf (PTI). He made the announcement regarding joining PTI in a well attended gathering arranged in a local hotel. The function was arranged by Chaudhry Shaukat Farid former MLA candidate of AJK. Chaudhry Abdul Aziz addressing the gathering said it was a tough

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Women are fully praised and encouraged in Islam

BIRMINGHAM: Islam is a very perfect way of life and it gives women their due right and respect and highest value. Women should be properly encouraged to prove their mettle and to utilize their ability to make the society peaceful and civilized. These were the views of speakers during a discussion and replying the questions of the participants during the

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UKBA officer used lover to con migrants

London: An officer of the UK Border Agency (UKBA) has admitted of using confidential data to scam a number of vulnerable immigrants out of £113,000. Anjali Patel, the executive officer with the UKBA’s case resolution directorate, has admitted to two counts of conspiring to commit misconduct in a public office. The officer passed confidential information

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Zameer Choudhary honoured doctorate degree by Kent University

LONDON: Kent University has awarded honorary doctorate degree on Zameer Chaudhry, Chief Executive, Bestway Group for his social work and common people and his services for business. Zameer Chaudhry was conferred the Doctor of Civil Law by the varsity in a graduation ceremony held at Canterbury Cathedral. After his graduation in Accountancy from Kent University in 1981,


Saif ul Malook remembered in Bradford by renowned Artists

BRADFORD: When the Muslims adopt the path of ‘Sufis’ mystic poets and ‘Aulya Allah’ friends of Allah Almighty were true reflection of Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH, Pakistan will be free from terrorism and restlessness facing at present and on the path of development and prosperity. Mian Muhammad Bakhsh has always preached the continuous struggle against

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Kashmiris must be ready for Million March in London

BIRMINGHAM : Former AJK Prime Minister and senior PPP leader Barrister Sultan Mehmood Chaudhry has said after complete support of British and European Parliamentarians and International Human Rights Organizations for ‘Million March’, all Pakistani and Kashmiri political parties and organizations have also express their support to the March. The party heads who have expressed support


Muslim community has gained honorable space in Britain

LONDON: Peer Allauddin Siddiqui, leader of Ahle Sunnah has said once Muslims implement and promote the teachings of Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH, the Islam will gain the lost glory and everywhere would Islam. “A Muslim who is not offering Namaz, Fasting, Hujj and not ready to go to Masjid and is ignorant with teachings of